Take Care of Today – The Most Important Thing You Can Do

By Stephen Blakesley

Yes, that’s right. Achieve your goals today – that’s enough. Nothing else is important.

You can’t do anything about the yesterdays and if you do well today, tomorrow will take care of itself. Here are a few thoughts about making today, the best.

First, start off with a goal that, if reached, will put you ahead of yesterday. Some examples might be: To make one more call, or To close one more sale or To get to work on time or To maintain a positive outlook on the future, or heaven forbid, To take care of that nasty customer service problem that needs resolution etc.

Second, expect positive things to happen. Expect to be better today than you were yesterday. Make IT happen! Do some of the things you know you should do, but put off because you don’t like to do them or because you don’t know how to do them. Think and act like a winner!

Third, help someone else reach an important goal or at least encourage someone with words and deeds. Nothing makes you feel better than helping someone else and seeing them take the next step.

Fourth, evaluate what you have achieved today. Compare results against your own expectations. If your achievements don’t meet you goal you will have insight into where you need help. Encourage yourself, when this day is over it is over so make certain you have made a positive step. Expect to do even better tomorrow.

Can life really be that simple?-You Bet!

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