What Does It Mean to “Just Be You”?

No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts, abilities, and possibilities.  — Joseph Campbell


Since I posted the Words of Wisdom yesterday “Just Be You”, have you thought about what it means to you?

Today I want to cover the first five words.  I want to look at the meaning of each word so that we can examine ourselves and see if these are a part of what it means to “Just Be You”.

  1. be confident.  To be confident means to be full of conviction, or to have or show assurance and self-reliance.  Synonyms of confident are assured, secure, self-asserting, and self-assured.  So, are you confident?
  2. be successful.  To be successful means to accomplish an aim or purpose or to have achieved popularity, profit, or distinction.  Synonyms of successful are flourishing, prosperous, thriving, and triumphant.  So, are you successful?
  3. be beautiful.  To be beautiful means to please the senses or mind aesthetically.  Synonyms of beautiful are attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, and alluring.  So, are you beautiful?
  4. be intelligent.  To be intelligent means to have or to show the ability to easily learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations.  Synonyms of intelligent are alert, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, exceptional, and keen.  So, are you intelligent?
  5. be hardworking.  To be hardworking means to use a lot of time and energy to do work, to be industrious, diligent.  So, are you hardworking?

Think about it!  Are you confident, successful, beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking????

— Nancy Check

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